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High Masts

LYCORPOLE® High Masts range enables maintenance of luminaires to be carried out at ground level. The carriage is designed around a three-point suspension system for stability and is raised and lowered by either a manual or solid state electrically controlled winch with safety devices.


LYCORPOLE® High Masts incorporate a patented self-latching system which secures the ring in position at mast-top, removing all stress from the stainless steel wire ropes. This provides a secure and long service life for the High Mast. Taller masts can be custom designed on request.


LYCORPOLE® High Masts Columns with a combination of durability, aesthetic appeal and ease of servicing the luminaires are a popular choice for a large number of major freeways, seaports, airports, sport fields and open ground.

LYCORPOLE® High Masts is manufactured to suit variable quantities of floodlights. The arrangement of the floodlights can be asymmetrical, uni-directional or butterfly concept. Headframe can be designed to suit the lighting requirement.

The computer controlled design and manufacturing process of LYCORPOLE® ensure a consistent and high quality finished product. Smooth uniform taper from base to top - whatever the height – means a more attractive and better designed columns and masts.

Both multi-faceted and round tapered steel poles are carefully engineered to ensure maximum strength while remaining lightweight and hot-dip galvanizing ensure a long and durable service life.


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